About Us

The Nigerian healthcare industry is greatly fraught with the availability of data of any sort, credible or otherwise and studies shows it’s top amongst the sectors in the country with stiff resistance to Information Technology. Seeing as we are not virgin to this sector, we’ve been able to initially identify pain-points and challenges faced by the healthcare industry which are present up till date, often leading to the death of the business beyond the first generation due to inefficiencies in management amongst many others. Some other challenges include;

  • Record management and fragmentation
  • Availability of reliable data for informed decision making.
  • Financial misappropriation.
  • Time Management.
  • Management of cost centres.
  • Procurement Management
  • Health Maintenance Organizations’ Management
  • Quality of care Management

Just to mention a few. The answer to these problems, is the introduction of Information Technology into the sector. With the advent of technology in this sector, they stand to gain the benefits experienced by similar professional sectors where IT has thrived, greatly impacting those sectors such as; engineering, banking & finance, regulatory & audit to mention a few. Hence, our initial voyage into healthcare IT, which led to the rise of Genesys Health Information Systems Limited.
Genesys Health Information Systems Limited is a joint venture Limited Liability Company established in December 2017, which has up until the time of its incorporation, existed as a product of the stables of its parent entities. With the successes and growth of the product, GeneSys and solidification of alliances between parent companies, this joint venture start-up was birthed as an end-product of concrete relations between Vatebra Technology Limited and Realms Healthcare Services Consulting Limited to better position ourselves as an organization to solve the problems identified from earlier and achieve our vision.


To be the pioneer and leading provider of simplistic, affordable and world-class healthcare IT solutions for Africa, emerging markets and beyond.


Our mission is to improve healthcare sustainability, service delivery and outcomes; through the provision of simple, state of the art software solutions that are germane to our target market segment and delivering this through unparalleled customer centric service to earn a fair profit by embracing sound ethical business practices.


Our corporate values represent who we are individually and as an entity. It’s the bedrock upon which we operate and on which our mission and vision were built. Our values, are summed up into one word “IDEAL”
Integrity is at the core of our existence, and guides our dealings with our clients and how we expect to be dealt with in turn
Diligence is our cornerstone for success and the foundation upon which our vision and mission were built upon
Empathy especially in the healthcare sector is the key to unlocking true customer service fulfilment
Accountability guarantees we always keep our promises and holds us liable for our actions
Loyalty is what we require from our team and in turn the bond between us and our clients that ensures your most valued data are kept safe with us.